Thursday, 30 May 2013

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"Your Keys to Driving in Queensland". Next week, I will be going for my fourth attempt at that damned Learner Driver written test. 

Every time I go for the test, I have to pay $24 or so, fill out a huge form, present several proof of ID documents, get a photo taken, and then sit for the test. After they've marked the test, they tell me I got one or two incorrect answers more than allowed to pass the test. So they give me a new form, delete all my details and photo from the computer system, and ask me to come in again another day with more money. It's been a couple of months since my last visit, because I haven't had the spare cash.

Listening to: 
I've really been getting into a bizarre, experimental jazz orchestra called "Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra" lately. They have an album called "Bum Bum" from 2012. The tracks "Saturn Hoola Hoop" and "Rainbow Warrior" stand out for me. Lots of flutes and recorders and things. Crazy stuff!

More gigs with "Larrikin Puppets" - my business! To hear back from "Australia's Got Talent" about a puppet standup comedy act I presented to producers at the recent Brisbane audition! They still haven't contacted all successful auditionees. I hope I get in! That big blue professional monster puppet has finally arrived from the US! After six months of waiting! His name is Troggg - with three Gs. The middle G is silent. Look at him! My design, built in the professional MUPPET style by an ex-Henson puppet builder! :D

I've been going nuts marketing Troggg and Larrikin Puppets everywhere! I launched my new website (, got some proper photos taken, made a few Troggg videos, I've taken him to ImproMafia (the impro/theatresports group I play music for), handed out hundreds of business cards, been getting my site onto all the free search and business listings, and I'm working on posters and flyers to be printed next week (when I have cash). Troggg even has his own Twitter account! 

I've done one puppet show under this business so far, which lead to some great feedback (a father texted me to say that his daughter is now obsessed with Troggg), and two more show bookings coming up!  So a show in May, a show in June and one in July so far. Let's try and increase that to a show a fortnight. Then weekly!

Troggg will also be appearing on Channel 31's "The Late Nite Show with Scott Black" on Thursday June 20 at 9pm. The channel can actually now only be found on Digital Channel 44. So yeah - Tune into 44 to watch 31. Troggg might just get me some more business! And of course, my audition for "Australia's Got Talent" - Result pending. TV exposure = Good!

I've also been busy playing the improvised music for "Youth Theatresports". Basically, I'm doing what I do with ImproMafia, but for competing high school teams in an annual competition. At a different school each night. It's fun!

 Anything Else?:
After many months of being separated, I decided to try dating again. So for three weeks, I dated a lovely red haired girl. I'm a huge fan of gingers! My first crush at age seven was a little red haired girl. So anyway, the most recent girl and I remain friends, but we stopped dating. We both realised that we're not as ready for it as we originally thought. Plus I'm super poor and can't afford it. And I felt bad that she was always helping me out and chipping in for meals and drinks if I was short. And as much as I appreciate people shouting me things, or covering for me, I don't feel all that comfortable with it. But hey - we had a lovely three weeks. Saw some theatre, saw some live comedy, watched a few movies on DVD, listened to lots of music. It was a fun time. 

But now I know for sure that I can handle being single. I don't *need* anyone else. And I'm fine with that for now. I don't feel lonely at all anymore! 

I have plenty of work to do towards getting my business out there, so I can start earning regular money before the end of the year! Because that's when my NEIS program ends, and I certainly don't want to go back to working in retail or call centres or cleaning. No way! That's not me! I have to be puppeteering! Performing! Entertaining! Creating! It's the only way I'll be happy, and the only thing I want to make money doing. I've had quite enough of miserable, back breaking, dead end jobs just to pay the bills. I'm trying to show the world my REAL skills and talents!

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